Circles of Life

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Circles of Life

I am interested in values we choose to follow and relationships we build with others. Exploring the field of human desires and emotions, many questions about condition of a modern humanity arise in my mind. I try to answer them with my sculptures. In exactly the same way I work on own progress, sculpturing myself slowly day by day. My main artistic mission is to leave afterthoughts in your mind. Through my art I would like to touch your feelings and make you reflect on the subject. The sculptures from the ongoing series Circles of Life consider the topic of the body.
The leitmotif of this cycle is a union between a woman and a man, their complementarity and permeation. Here, together with the corporeal integrity the artist explores their spiritual solidarity. We can see this attempt in the portrait of a couple, captured in a melancholic, dreamy pose, which strives for emotional and physical intimacy. Therefore, they overcome the distance between each other, as well as the limitations of the ties that confine them. Their struggles can be seen both as a literal and a metaphorical depiction of the everlasting energy between feminine and masculine elements present in the nature.


Dusk&Down Carrara marble, 67x67x15 cm


Disintegration Carrara marble, 64x68x18 cm


Nokturn Carrara marble, 70x40x25 cm